Semiautomatic Hot Foil Printer

PlümatSemiautomatic Hot Foil Printer
Réf : PLÜMATEX-HP 004 | Fabricant : Plümat

The PLÜMATEX-HP 004 Foil Printer is designed as a table-top device to print flexible empty IV bags. The compact design in addition to its easy handling turns the PLÜMATEX-HP 004 into an ideal machine to use in pharmaceutical industry, in hospitals as well as in pharmacies.

Características principales

Output 600 Bags /h*
Container Bag (PP, PE, PVC, EVA, EVOH)**
Printing Film
Film width min. 60 mm max. 110 mm
Roll outside diameter 160 mm
Core - inside diameter 76 mm
Printing surface
Width min. 50 mm up to max. 100 mm
Length min. 50 mm up to max. 200 mm

*All output data are based on experienced data.
**further types on demand




Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz; appr. 0,6 kW
Consumption appr. 0,3 kWh
Compressed air appr. 12 Nl/min
Machine weight appr. 70kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) appr. 520 x 400 x 570 mm
Materials All product parts are made from stainless steel and brass