CCI Test Vessel

Lighthouse InstrumentsCCI Test Vessel
Réf : CCI Test Vessel | Fabricant : Lighthouse Instruments

The CCI Test Vessel provides a simple means of preparing samples for container closure integrity testing (CCIT) using the highly-sensitive and non-destructive laser-based headspace analysis technology.
When combined with a LIGHTHOUSE FMS Headspace Gas Analyzer, the CCI Test Vessel offers a robust solution for container integrity tests on a wide range of container types and packaging conditions.

Key features

The CCI test method utilizes laser-based analysis to measure changes in the headspace gas composition or pressure in a container that result from gas ingress through a leak.
The CCI Test Vessel creates an environment that accelerates this gas ingress through an open defect.

Samples are placed inside the vessel and exposed to a tracer gas before the headspace measurement is performed.

This approach is similar to a dye ingress test but takes advantage of the more sensitive gas ingress and employs a non-destructive and deterministic analytical measurement as the leak test.


• Electropolished stainless steel exterior and interior
• All stainless steel components
• Analog vacuum/pressure gauge
• Removeable perforated stainless steel sample shelf
• Sample capacity: approx. (100) 2R vials, (35) 30R vials or (20) 50R vials on sample shelf
• Dimensions: 28 x 36 cm (W x H)
• Pressure rating: 132 psig / 9.1 barg
• CE and ASME certified