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2nd September 2019
Container Closure Integrity Testing of Finished Sterile Injectable Product presse/capture-d-ecran-2016-07-13-a-10-06-58.png

This article summarizes the current state of CCI in the industry and describes concepts for defining a best practice CCI testing strategy

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2nd October 2018
Methods for lyo product moisture determination presse/apr.png

Here is a link to a publication in American Pharmaceutical Review: read the article

11th January 2018
CCI method development (PDA Journal) presse/index.png

Read the November/December PDA Journal article from LIGHTHOUSE Instruments on CCI method development using gaz ingress measurement in the headspace of pharmaceutiocal containers.

9th December 2016
Oxygen Permeation Rates Through Syringe Components presse/capture-d-e-cran-2016-12-09-a-15-35-54.png

The recently updated USP 39 <1207> chapter on Package Integrity recommends a move to deterministic analytical methods for assessing container closure integrity of sterile product packages

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10th June 2016
Medición de headspace aplicada al control de lotes de Media Fill (NATURE) presse/index.jpg

Comparison of Tunable Diodi Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (headspace measurement) and Isothermal Micro-calorimetry for Non-invasive Detection of Microbial Growth in Media Fills. Published in NATURE on June 10th 2016.

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1st June 2016
Headspace analysis for Media Fill Inspection (PDA Journal) presse/index.png

Evaluating Media Fill batches thanks to an oxygen and a carbon dioxyde non destructive headspace measurement. Article from the PDS Journal, May-June 2016.

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2nd April 2016
Headspace inspection systems ( presse/capture-d-ecran-2016-07-13-a-10-06-58.png

Headspace Moisture Analysis for Determination of Residual Moisture Content in Lyophilized Pharmaceutical Products.

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1st April 2016
Publication in the magazine "Doses" presse/capture-d-ecran-2016-07-15-a-14-04-59.png

Publication in the magazine "Doses", the Healthcare Packagin Products Magazine.

No. 63 (April 2016): Article on page 80 Plümat

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